The Best Worst Movie Night

The Oscars are soon upon us. But who wants to watch great films when there's trash all around us? I designed this for the agency movie night.


Recently there has been a challenge going around the internet called the #ONECHIPCHALLENGE. It consists of eating a single super spicy chip seasoned with one of the spiciest peppers in the world, the Carolina Reaper. So naturally, we had the #ONECHIPCHALLENGE at the office. This is the poster I designed.

Spooky Love

Halloween is almost here, so I designed the album cover to a song that I have yet to write.

Happy Mother's Day!

The wonderful woman that brought me into this world deserves nothing but the finest of animating Mother's Day cards. Custom type animated in After Effects.

Future Fridays Came Early

In honor of the soon to be released Blade Runner 2049, our agency will watch the original 1982 Blade Runner. The directors cut of course! This is the poster I designed.

Don't Be A Dick

Every agency has that special someone that doesn't clean up after themselves. So I designed a friendly reminder.

Terror Thursday

We started a new tradition at Muhtayzik Hoffer. Once a month we will host a movie night,
and we kicked off this new tradition with the 1985 classic, Fright Night. This is the movie poster I designed with custom hand drawn type with a brush marker.